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With the HSG Online Stock Exchange for Donations we offer you, our dear alumni and friends of the University of St.Gallen, the possibility to actively shape the future development of our university online – based on the idea of financing via a collective source of supporters (“crowdfunding”). Through your support of our strategically selected projects, you are able to make a valuable contribution to the development of the HSG.


UniMusic – Association of...

UniMusic is an officially accredited association at the University of St.Gallen. It is addressed to... More

62.5% fundet
CHF 2'500.- of CHF 4'000.-
President`s Fund

As an internationally renowned University, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) competes with the best... More

6.8% fundet
CHF 3'400.- of CHF 50'000.-

Erfolgreich finanzierte Projekte und deren Wirkung


88.7% fundet
CHF 13'300.- of CHF 15'000.-
National Model United Nat...
HSG inSite

In March 2016 twenty selected students of the University of St. Gallen will be participating in the... More

66.4% fundet
CHF 2'323.- of CHF 3'500.-
START Summit 2016

STARTglobal is a student association at the University of St. Gallen promoting and fostering... More

91.5% fundet
CHF 9'150.- of CHF 10'000.-
IGNITE – Conference on Pu...
HSG inSite

Business possesses an enormous potential to create sustainable added value for its stakeholders.... More

28.0% fundet
CHF 280.- of CHF 1'000.-
Help children in Haiti!
HSG inSite

With the student initiative "Rise Haiti" at the University of St.Gallen, every year we carry out... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 1'500.- of CHF 1'500.-
Mentoring education for R...
HSG inSite

RYL SG, accredited by the University of St.Gallen and run by students, is an association working... More

89.8% fundet
CHF 2'244.- of CHF 2'500.-
Students in Need
SHSG Alumni

The HSG sponsorship team needs your help to finance the tuition fees for the assessment year for two... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 2'500.- of CHF 2'500.-
START Summit 2015
Universität St.Gallen

The START SUMMIT is the biggest entrepreneur conference in Switzerland that is organized by... More

102.9% fundet
CHF 8'231.- of CHF 8'000.-
DocNet Symposium 2014
Universität St.Gallen

DocNet Symposium 2014: Business School 2030 – Talent hotbed or line production? More

80.0% fundet
CHF 14'000.- of CHF 17'500.-
100.0% fundet
CHF 3'352.- of CHF 3'352.-
Telders International Law...
HSG inSite

The Telders International Law Moot Court ist the most significant international Moot Court in... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 10'000.- of CHF 10'000.-
Challenge the Best 2012
HSG inSite

Population growth and climate change have transformed water into a rare commodity in many of the... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 10'000.- of CHF 10'000.-
Outfit for HSG’s Ladies’ ...
HSG inSite

Since Autumn Semester 2011, the “St.Gallen Lacrosse Cougars”, the Ladies’Lacross Team of the HSG,... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 1'000.- of CHF 1'000.-
2000 bottles for South As...
Liter of Light Switzerland

Eight members of the student initiative “Liter of Light Switzerland” travelled to India and... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 2'650.- of CHF 2'650.-
Student Support on Assess...
Studentenschaft (SHSG)

Alumni and current HSG students as well as friends of the University supported an assessment student... More

100.0% fundet
CHF 2'126.- of CHF 2'126.-