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Project «Help children in Haiti!»

The members of “Rise Haiti” - a non-profit organization, founded in 2012 by SIM-students at the University of St.Gallen - travelled to Haiti in February 2015. The team members installed four toilets at a school in Port-au-Prince. Up to that day, the children had to relieve themselves in a latrine on school grounds. That caused contamination of the drinking water and has favored the spread of diseases like Cholera.

With the student initiative "Rise Haiti" at the University of St.Gallen, every year we carry out social projects for children in Haiti, a Caribbean island that experienced in 2010 one of the most devastating earthquakes in recent history. In February 2015 our HSG association built four toilets at a school in Haiti. But the maintenance of the sanitary facilities requires regular cleaning and care. To ensure this, we have hired two locals, one cleaning lady and a handyman. With your help we can ensure the remuneration of these employees for 2015, thereby improving the quality of life of 474 schoolchildren.


„Rise Haiti“ is a charitable organization which was founded in 2012 by students enrolled in the Strategy and International Management (SIM) Master program at the University of St.Gallen. The main goal of the association is to improve the learning and living conditions of children in Haiti. Students of the current master level are devoted to the basic needs of children: access to hygienically clean sanitary facilities.

In February 2015 a team of the initiative "Rise Haiti" flew to a school in Haiti to build four toilets there within one weekin collaboration with the Social Business "Toilets for People". Before that the children had no access to a toilet. With the construction of this sanitary system we want to counteract the rapid spread of cholera, a disease that is responsible for more deaths each year than infections with malaria, AIDS and measles.

The four established toilets are well accepted by the Haitians and have increased their quality of life significantly. However, to make this last, the toilets require regular maintenance. A cleaning lady and a handyman are taking care of maintaining the functionality and hygiene of the toilets. For the remuneration of these employees we collect donations. We would be delighted to receive your support for this social project.