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Project «Students in Need»

The HSG sponsortship team would like to thank the generous sponsors – also on behalf of the two assessment year students who have been supported with 2500 CHF. Thanks to your support, the two sponsored students are now able to fully focus on their studies and do not have to worry about how to finance their living. That lifts a huge burden from their shoulders, as the assessment year is hard enough even without a part time job. Without you taht would not have been possible – thanks!

The HSG sponsorship team needs your help to finance the tuition fees for the assessment year for two students who hardly can do so on their own. The increasing tuition fees and the pressure to perform put young students in a difficult situation. We want to help!


Our Team’s mission is to sponsor the assessment year for students who hardly can do so on their own. We are calling upon students, workers, alumni and friends to help us finance the studies of two fellow students. The tuition fees have been increased last year, creating a burden for students originating from underprivileged families. Besides that, the living costs in St. Gallen are already at a high level. Imagine the following situation: A twenty years old student comes from far away to St. Gallen. He is alone and needs to fund himself. Besides that, he must make it through the though Assessment year. His parents cannot sufficiently support him, so he finds a part time job. Twice a week he works in a local office instead of repeating the lecture subjects. In order to overcome the learning shortfall, he does nightshifts during the weekend. The lack of sleep and recovery has negative consequences. He cannot enjoy the student life beside lectures… The time is simply not enough.

With your help we hope to avoid these situations. We intend to raise funds and support two of our fellow students with their tuition fees.

Our aim is to raise 2500 CHF and directly forward these money to these two students. By now, we managed to earn 900 CHF by our own initiatives. That’s where you come in!

We urge you, HSG Alumni, HSG- Friends, fellow students, to help us with donations. Together we shall be able to achieve our goal! The next semester starts in one and a half month, so let us go for it!

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