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Project «UniMusic – Association of music friends at the University of St.Gallen»

UniMusic is an officially accredited association at the University of St.Gallen. It is addressed to music lovers who are seeking to find a musical variety alongside their daily routine at the university. We convey our association member to renowned music teachers and organise diverse music projects. The association UniMusic has existed at the University of St.Gallen since 2008. Our association is run by unsalaried and music-loving students and aims to provide high quality and subsidised music lessons. Those lessons are private lessons, held either alone or in small groups, by highly qualified music teachers (ex. former conservatory professors etc.). Our offer contains different instrument lessons as well as singing lessons.


Basically it is the main target of the association UniMusic to financially support less privileged students, with the opportunity to take professional, subsidised music lessons. Therefore the regional musical and cultural offer will be strengthened.

The students of the University of St.Gallen are continuously put under a lot of pressure by expecting a high willingness to perform. The daily routine at the university requires a lot of resistance to stress. Therefore, the young students are facing a real challenge trying to gain a work-life-balance within the stressful student life and are having a hard time trying to cope with the omnipresent pressure that they are put under. UniMusic offers those students the possibility of pursuing their interests and encouraging them to live out their musical talents. Hence they are given the opportunity to counteract the daily burdens. Additionally, the support of these musical talents enables them to further development in more creative areas than only economic and business driven fields. Not only does UniMusic aim to support students, which already discovered their passion for music and are willing to continue making music. We also support new members and beginners to enable their entry to the world of music making. As formentioned the association UniMusic has been able to support their music loving members for many years. However the engagement of the association requires the necessary financial resources in order to guarantee the continuation of UniMusic. In the last few years, the monetary needs of the association have reached a critical limit, which is why we depend on generous sponsoring contributions.