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Project «Student Support on Assessment Level»

Message from our beneficiary:

Dear Philanthropy Team,

I wish to express my deep gratitude to you for the financial support. Thanks to your help, I have eight to ten days less of work this Semester and can thus dedicate much more of my time to my studies and the upcoming term papers. Further to this, the support also gives me a bit more leisure time, which allows me to enjoy it with a good conscience and without constant thoughts concerning financial burdens. I hope that the student support will also be provided next year, so that other assessment students can be supported likewise.

This was the first project of the SHSG philanthropy team. The project demonstrated that there is a large demand for student support on assessment level. The sense of community among HSG members made the success of the project possible. For this, a heartfelt thank you to all supporters!

We shall again support assessment level students in the coming semester.

Alumni and current HSG students as well as friends of the University supported an assessment student by financing his student fees for the Spring Semester 2013.


Together, students, Alumni and friends of the HSG collected a considerable sum in order to support a foreign assessment level student in need. From early December 2012 till end of February 2013 they raised funds via the Donations Platform “HGS inSite” in order to finance his Spring Semester 2013 student fees. Further to this, students contributed to the success of the project via the purchase of drink vouchers at the [ad]hoc-Bar.